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TravelingCPR has been traveling South Central Kansas since 2019. We have partnered with schools, daycares, foster and adoption agencies, construction crews, health departments, nursing facilities and aviation companies to bring CPR, basic first aid or Basic Life Support to their employees. Our owner, Dacia Torneden, has been in healthcare since 2009, graduating with her paramedic in 2014. All of our instructors are healthcare workers and are trained to meet your needs.


In January of 2023 we decided to open a location to provide classes to those needing a place to certify including healthcare students needing certified before class or boards, in-home daycares, doulas, churches and more! Though we now have a location we still do what our name says, Travel!

TravelingCPR was built with you in mind. Are you a busy Mom trying to stay certified? Or a healthcare worker with an odd schedule? Maybe you're a blue collar worker on long shifts? Is your group of coworkers dreading taking required certification classes because classes are always long and boring? Or are you a business owner trying to get all your employees certified at once?


We've built our business to fit all these criteria and more! Our flexible scheduling allows for daytime, evening or weekend classes. We have an easily accessible location in Haysville. We thrive to provide fun and engaging courses that fit your individual needs. If you aren't looking to join a class, than host a class! With groups of 6 or more we can provide classes at your location that meet the times and needs of you!


If you are looking for a time saving option then check out the hybrid classes. Hybrid classes cut your meeting time to less than an hour and allow you to complete the online portion at your convenience! No matter your busy schedule, we have a time that works for you.

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