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Learn to save a life with our small and engaging CPR, basic first aid or BLS courses!


We provide a range of classes to fit your needs. CPR or a combination class of CPR and basic first aid is good for anyone looking to gain life saving knowledge.

Pediatric First Aid and CPR is great for anyone in childcare, teachers, or foster and adoption.

If you are a healthcare worker or going to school to be one, join am AHA BLS class to learn the team approach necessary to CPR in your career!

*Hybrid classes available cutting class time in HALF! 

Adult first aid and cpr_edited_edited_ed

CPR/AED class covers adult, child and infant CPR and choking. This class is designed for anyone outside of the healthcare field to learn how to treat cardiac arrest and deal with emergencies. This class includes a 2-year certification after successful completion.

Adult first aid and cpr_edited_edited_ed

CPR/AED+Basic first aid covers adult, child and infant CPR and choking. Along with other health concerns such as hypoglycemia, seizure care, how to recognize a stroke, shortness of breath, chest pain, and much more! This class is perfect for anyone looking to gain knowledge on potential life threatening emergencies. You will receive a 2-year certification with successful completion.


Basic Life support is CPR for healthcare providers. This class focuses on a team approach of cardiac arrest and follows the American Heart Association guidelines. With successful completion you will receive a 2-year certification.

Have you been frustrated with previous classes?

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Have you shown up for a class and found there are 20, 30, even 40 others taking the same class with you?

With TravelingCPR we pride ourselves in small class sizes. Making sure YOU are not lost as just a number. We always stay within the guidelines of class size to instructor ratio. Making sure you get the time and feedback needed.

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Have you shown up to class and fallen asleep because class is boring or the instructor seems uninterested?

Now we cannot promise we are able to entertain every personality but we work diligently to draw you into a class making it fun and engaging, even to those who have taken the class "a million times."

What will you get when scheduling with TravelingCPR?

2-year Certification

With successful completion you will receive a 2-year certification from a Nationally recognized agency, usually same day as class completion!

Life Saving Skills

In our classes you will leave confident in knowledge and skills obtained during training.

Renewal Reminder

You will receive reminders prior to your certification expiring so you can schedule another fun and engaging class!

Place to Practice

With TravelingCPR we want you to remain confident in your skills. With a valid certification you can return to our location to practice your skills on our open skills nights!

Peace of Mind

Do you have a fear of something happening? Or has an emergency already occurred that you did not feel prepared for? TravelingCPR would love to help you feel prepared for those emergencies in the future.


With TravelingCPR our instructors are all medical professionals, specializing in emergency medicine. Who better to teach you than those who have done it themselves?

Some of Our Happy Clients

"I loved the information I learned, I have taken 3 different CPR classes and did not learn many of the things I did today."

Megan N.

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Common Concerns

Why should I take a class?

For many certification is mandatory for work, volunteer opportunities, or school. Approximately 360,000 cardiac arrest occur each year, 60% of those occur at home and for every minute someone goes without CPr their chance of survival drops by 10%. Everyone should know CPR to increase chance of survival of your loved one.

Will this class meet the requirements?

TravelingCPR always encourages you to check with the credentialing agency you are working with to make sure it is the correct class for you. TravelingCPR works with the leading nationally recognized companies such as American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross, and Health and Safety Institute (HSI) and is accepted by all leading agencies such as Board of EMS and Board of Nursing, etc.

Pricing seems high

TravelingCPR works hard to provide classes that you are satisfied with and thrive to provide certification at a low price. For the class price you are not only receiving a certification and continuing education hours but also life saving knowledge and a partnership for when emergencies occur. You will also receive a space to practice your skills throughout the 2-years your certification is valid for.

What if I have health problems, can I still take the class?

TravelingCPR's focus is to provide a class that is safe and accommodating. Please reach out to me privately to discuss any possible accommodations and we will work together to try and find a solution that also meets class requirements.

What if I don't have 3-8 hours to spend on a class at once?

TravelingCPR is very aware of schedule conflicts and complicated schedules. We work to find a class that fits your needs. If a traditional class doesn't fit into your busy schedule we also have hybrid options available! This allows you to do the lecture portion of the class at your own pace and then schedule the hands-on portions with us at your convenience, cutting your class time in half!

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